Welcome to 🤘 Scoreboard.Rocks. Thank you for visiting the Scoreboard App, i hope you like it and you use the Scoreboard from now in the Future. My Name is Toni, i’m the Founder of the Scoreboard.Rocks App. Scoreboard.Rocks is any days old, the launch was on 24.11.2020. The first Version is ready and online now. Next release with Bugfixes and new Features comes next week, this week i want test Scoreboard App and take Feedback from first Users.

Please feel free to contact me via E-Mail ( or from the contact page, if you found a bug or if you have an idea for a new function or extension for the Scoreboard App.

🤘 Scoreboard.Rocks Android App and Google Chrome Extension are available now. 🤘 Scoreboard.Rocks is also available as PWA, install the 🤘 Scoreboard PWA directly from Startpage and try the Smart and Fast Scoreboard App on your Desktop Computer or on Android Smartphone.